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長生學背景 (Longevitology Background)
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早在三十多年前,林子洪医师、林子珍老师和魏裕峰老师就学习了中医针灸、指压、推拿、刮沙、气功。。。 等医术, 彼此切磋以外,同时也义务帮助有病痛的亲朋好友。一直以来均秉持著“慈悲救人”的精神,所以从来就 坚持不收费, 不收红包的原则在帮助别人,家里也经常都有许多的病患上门求医。

直到1980 年时,林子洪医师前往美国继续深造及开业, 也学了梁明旦老师的宇宙人体电能学,并得到梁明 旦老师的指示,应该把此法宏扬。回到台湾后,就教了魏老师和林老师。

而后,每每回到台湾时,便与林子珍老师和魏裕峰老师研究切磋有关宇宙能量的功法。因家里本来就经常有病 人上门求医,所以魏老师和林老师就用体验出来的宇宙能量来医治病患,而且都有很好的效果。当时来求诊的患 者就越来越多,无形中也影响到在当时在油厂当经理的魏老师,以及负责家里饮料批发事业的林子珍老师的作息。

那时就有病患提议要求魏老师和林老师是否可以把他们体验的功法教导他们,如果他们学会了,就可以不必再 来打扰魏老师和林老师了。 就这样两位老师教了一些人,而没想到这些学员也做得很好,还到处去帮助别人,成 效也都非常好。而那些接受帮助的病人也要求两位老师教他们,从此一班接一班的课程就诞生了。

在那时候, 两位老师教课也从来不收报名费,学费,手续费,课本费,场地费等。只是后来来上课的人越来 越多,我们不得不租借大礼堂,印刷更多的课本,支付外地来支援的讲师、开穴师们的食、宿、交通费等。所有 一切行政上的开支均由会场设置的随缘箱收入来支付。

而在马来西亚的课程,如果收入不足够的活动,均由马来西亚长生学总会承担,各主办单位及义工皆不必负 责。活动时参与的讲师、开穴师、义工均纯属义务性质,绝无任何报酬或金钱回馈。

As early as thirty (30) years ago, Chinese Physician (Dr.) Lin Zihong, Masters Lin Zichen and Wei Yufeng were studying Chinese medicines that encompassed the techniques of acupuncture, acupressure, traditional massage, back scrapping (‘gua sha’), breathing exercise ‘qigong’ etc. Apart from mutual consultation for betterment between themselves they were at the same time assist in healing their ailing friends and relatives voluntarily. As they have embraced the spirit of ‘merciful lives saving’ all along they insisted on upholding the principle of no collection of fees or ‘ang pow’ (little red gift packet) when assisting others. Furthermore, there were many patients that drop by their house frequently to seek healing.

Not until year 1980, Chinese Physician (Dr.) Lin Zihong went to the United States of America to further his studies and start practicing. At the same time he learnt from Master Liang Mingdan the subject of ‘Electrical Energy of Human Body’. At the same he had the instruction from Master Liang to promulgate this technique. Upon his return to Taiwan, he taught this technique to both Masters Lin Zichen and Wei Yufeng.

Thereafter, he discussed with Masters Lin Zichen and Wei Yufeng regarding the methodology of universal energy every time he return to Taiwan. As there were patients frequently dropping by their house to seek treatment, both Masters Wei and Lin use their personal experience on universal energy to treat their patients and all produced very good results. As the number of patients seeking treatment gets larger and larger, it inadvertently affected the lifestyles of both Masters Lin Zichen and Wei Yufeng whom were working as the person-in-charge of a wholesale beverage (family) business and a manager in an oil factory, respectively.

Later, some patients suggested and requested both Masters Wei and Lin to teach them the methodology that they had acquired from personal experiences. The reason being once they had learnt the technique they would no longer have to come and bother both of them. It was under such circumstances that these two Masters taught some of those patients. Unexpectedly, these students did it very well. They travel to various places to help people and produced very good results. Additionally, those who had received assistance also made similar request from the two Masters to teach them. This is how one course after another course was born.

All this while, both Masters conducted classes without charging any fees for registration, tuition, processing, textbooks, venue etc. Subsequently, when the participants get more and more, we were obliged to rent a larger hall, to print more textbooks, to pay the food, accommodation and transportation expenses for those lecturers and chakra opening masters from other town. Indeed, all administrative costs were met by the proceeds derived from donations collected in the donation box placed at the venue where the course was conducted.

For those courses conducted in Malaysia, if the donation collected is insufficient, the outstanding amount will be provided by Malaysian Longevitology Headquarter. All organizing units and volunteers would not be held responsible. On the other hand, lecturers, Chakra opening masters and volunteers participate during activity time would be regarded as purely be on obligation basis without any reward or monetary return.